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13 May 2021 7:52 pm

Gender pronouns on Instagram are already something users have been including in their bios, but now there is a new field from which to do so.

In some really cool news, Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows users to easily specify their gender identity, by adding a dedicated pronouns section to their bios.

Yes, this is something that users may have been doing on their own on other social media platforms like Twitter, and you have probably spotted an increase in people adding their gender pronouns to the email signatures, but it is a huge step forward for one of the world’s biggest social media platforms to be adding a dedicated feature.

I joined Pablo for Breakfast on Triple M Karratha to have a chat all about this new feature making its way to Instagram.

As social media platforms all around the world take steps to be more inclusive and progressive, it is certainly great to see Instagram making more positive decision around gender diversity and inclusivity. Whether your pronouns are he/him, she/her, them/they (or however you choose to identify), you now have the ability to add your gender pronouns directly from your edit profile page.

Note: this new feature is currently English-speaking only, and you will need to update your version of Instagram to the latest version of the app to include the gender pronouns field.

Pablo and I also took some time to chat about how few people have opted into being tracked since the release of iOS 14. In the US, just 4-5% of iPhone users have opted in to tracking and only 11% of users globally.

Is it really all that surprising that people don’t want to be tracked? Definitely not. It is going to be incredibly interesting to see how Facebook and other social media platforms respond over the next few months.

Missed my chat with Pablo? Have a listen down below!

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