What are Instagram Reels? • Triple M Karratha with Pablo for Breakfast

17 August 2020 1:39 pm

TikTok may be quickly taking the social media world by storm, but have you heard of Instagram’s new effort, Reels?

We all know Facebook owns Instagram, and if there’s one thing Facebook loves to do, it’s copy what they cannot buy. With Instagram Reels, that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

When Reels first appeared within Instagram, I, like many of us, had a lot of questions – how does it stack up against TikTok? Is it a complete clone? Why isn’t it a standalone app? And am I too old to use it? 

While Reels may not have managed to quite nail what makes TikTok great, it’s certainly interesting to see a new competitor enter the short-form video space. 

If you’re wondering what kind of content you’re likely to see on Reels, I’ve found it to be largely dominated by users who already have a strong following on Instagram. However, look out for content from TikTok users to pop up on Reels and vice versa. 

It’s hard to see Reels surpassing (or even coming close) to the popularity of Reels, but Instagram has spent far too much money to let the new feature fail. There are sure to be some tweaks going forward, as Reels finds its feet in such a competitive space. 

It was great to jump on the phone with Triple M Karratha with Pablo for Breakfast and have a chat about all things Instagram Reels.

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