What is the #b&wchallenge Challenge all about?

29 July 2020 8:25 pm

You’ve likely seen #b&wchallenge #ChallengeAccepted #WomenSupportingWomen all over your social pages. But where did they originate?

It’s an interesting social trend that’s recently risen to popularity after being shared by a host of celebrities and big-time influencers. And like any social media challenge or trend, it’s hard to not see things in a cynical light.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about women supporting women. I think we need to do more of it. But I’m a little bit cynical the #b&wchallenge.

The intention behind the reappearance of these hashtags is surely coming from a good place, but it seems like people may be attempting to jump onto to popularity of existing hashtags of which Instagram’s algorithm is already aware.

There’s been a lot of conjecture surrounding the origins of the #b&wchallenge. Many believe its origins are rooted in the disappearance and kidnapping of women in Turkey, whose images are printed in black and white.

However, Instagram has recently came out and said that the hashtag started back in 2016 and has been attached to many different causes, including cancer awareness.

This time the #b&wchallenge started after Brazilian journalist Ana Paula Padrão posted a black-and-white image with the hashtag #womensupportingwomen.

It’s since seen women from all walks of life post black and white pictures of themselves. But many are wondering if #b&wchallenge is having the desired impact. But only time will tell.

I was happy to jump the phone for Drive with Tom Elliott to have a chat about all things hashtag activism.

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