Are you looking for a media commentator with a bunch of energy, enthusiasm, and a penchant for making it fun and simple? You are?! Well, keep reading.

From every national TV network (and even the BBC!) and radio station to the major newspapers and notable podcasts, including Download This Show and Meta’s Connected, I’ve been providing commentary on social media, digital communications, and technology for a really long time. Like really long.

If you’re looking for someone to spice up your broadcast in an entertaining and educated way and keep your audience laughing along the way, let’s have a chat.

Whether it’s social media or digital marketing and pop culture, I’m the media’s go-to commentator. I love chatting about everything happening online and in the digital world, including:

  • How we use social media in our everyday lives
  • The ever-changing social media landscape
  • Digital marketing trends
  • The effects of social media on our culture and society
  • Social media in politics, elections and campaigning
  • The impact and use of social media in business
  • So much more (like, seriously, so much more)

I’m also available to provide media commentary and unique insights on the news, current events, entertainment, and even US politics. 

If you want the social media aspect explained, I’m your answer.

meg coffey in the media on the today show
I regularly appear on national television programs discussing the latest social media trends and issues.
meg coffey giving media commentary on sunrise on channel 7

As seen in

channel 7
Channel 9
Network 10
Studio 10
ABC Australia
Ad Week
WA Today
The West Australian
The Sydney Morning Herald
6PR 882 News Talk
your money
triple m
meg on the project giving media commentary

Get in Touch

If you’d like to book me for a TV or radio show appearance or if you need an expert comment for your story, please contact me here anytime:

0447 555 310

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