The month of social media mistakes and misdemeanours • Tony McManus on 6PR

5 June 2017 9:26 am

Fresh back from her whirlwind tour of regional WA for a series of talks with the Tourism Council, an excited Meg caught up with Tony to talk about the recent goings on on social media.

It has been a big month in social media and quite a few hiccups have occurred along the way. As always, Meg has been keeping a close eye on everything that has unfolded.

The conversation starts with Trump’s Twitter error that, while he was sleeping, rapidly escalated in to what Meg describes as ‘meme of the week’. It seems no one was monitoring his account at the time either, it managed to stay visible to the public for 5 hours. During this time a misspelled word soon became a trending hashtag, provoked questions around what it means, how it’s pronounced and Russian translations for #covfefe filled the feeds of social media across the world.

The President and his press secretary have since acknowledged the Tweet by saying “those that need to know will understand.” But their attempt to ‘cover it up’ and remove the original tweet could cause Trump some legal issues as there needs to be an archive of the President’s tweets.

Staying with U.S related news, it has just been announced that Visa Applicants are now required to provide information pertaining to their social media profiles. People wanting to enter the country, regardless of their nationality, will have to give the past 5 years of social media and biographical information for the past 15 years! Is Trump protecting his borders or protecting his pride?

Big Brother is watching, and even comedians need to be aware of what they say and do when it comes to Trump. A not so well thought out anti-Trump stunt by Kathy Griffin has turned sour and the backlash could end her ca
reer. Although Griffin admits she took it too far the negative effect it is having on her career has other comedians stepping forward to defend her. It also brings to question the right to freedom of speech that the nation upholds so proudly.

Mistakes are also being made by some of the world’s top brands. Adidas had an extremely bad faux pas when they sent a tweet for the competitors of the Boston Marathon. Due to the poor choice of words the tweet bought back memories of the 2013 bombing. Needless to say it went down like a lead balloon. As did Dove’s attempt to create packaging for their products that reflected body shapes which left consumers wondering if they were meant to chose the one that match their own body…

Adults are spending 5.6 hours a day online, 3 of them are on mobile an amount that has tripled since 2011. If you’re looking for a deep dive into some more nerdy stats the 2017 edition of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends has been released. With 355 slides full of juicy stats you will surely clock up your daily hours!

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