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13 September 2017 9:42 am

Have you ever fallen for a fake offer posted on social media?

You might deny that you have, but going by the recent scam that filled everyone’s Facebook feeds we all need to take a little more caution before perpetuating the scams and their creators.

In case you missed it, an account using the name ‘Qantas Airlines’ claimed to be gifting free business class tickets for life. All you had to do was share the post for your chance to win. So it’s no surprise the post circulated quickly. Unfortunately, it was not the real airline, but a fake account using the logo and insignia.

Our MD, Meg Coffey was interviewed by 9 News Perth about the recent scam and how we can start being a little wiser to the scammers.

But really, free tickets for life?

When you think about it, it is an offer a little too good to be true. Giving tickets to everyone would send the company out of business for a start! But still we click on these posts. Why? Because we all want something for free that involves little to no effort. We’ve all done it, we’ve all got excited and neglected to see the signs that suggest we are being scammed.

A domino effect

The next concern is what happens when we click on these links? Do they gain access to our private information? The short answer is no. If, in excitement and anticipation of ‘winning the lottery’, you do happen to click on the link don’t worry, it isn’t the end of the world.

By clicking on the links you are sending a message to the scammers that you are a person that believes the offer is real. You are then targeted with more fake offers as they build an audience that they can try and scam.

Be aware
Look for the warning signs. Companies, celebrities and organisations that are legit will have the blue verified logo next to their name. Don’t trust accounts that don’t have this showing.

You should also look out for names that are close to the real company name, but not quite. In this example the fake account was ‘Qantas Airline’. Yes, Qantas is an airline, but their name is just Qantas.

So, beware the next time you see something appear on your feed that isn’t quite right – and don’t click on it! If you do happen to post a scam on your page all you need to do is delete it from your feed, this stops the chain of circulation. Likewise, if you see something fake on your feed let your friends know about it and encourage them to delete it from their page.
To find out more watch the full interview.

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