Social Media Workshops in Alice Springs

29 May 2016 8:39 pm

We’re doing the NT! It’s time to discover central Australia as we head to Alice Springs to deliver social media training this June.

In partnership with the Tourism Central Australia and ATAP Northern Territory, our favourite social media strategist Meg Coffey will be presenting a series of masterclasses in Alice Springs on 8th of June.

The following workshops will be delivered: Twitter, Instagram, Hashtags and more; Facebook Insights; Building your brand through Reputation Management and Influencers.

Twitter, Instagram, Hashtags and more!

Utilise key social media platforms to build and create ongoing conversations with your customers. Standard topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Broaden your brand through Twitter
  • Grow real followers for your brand through Instagram
  • How to create, use and search hashtags
  • Tips on creating engaging images/photos/videos (content)
  • Video marketing and live streaming – the next big thing in social media marketing
  • Overview of LinkedIn, Google Plus and other relevant platforms

Facebook Insights

Discover how to generate and convert leads through Facebook for Business. Explore best practices for writing engaging posts and options for paid advertising including increasing post visibility and targeted ads. Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Advanced tactics for creating and managing effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Facebook analytics
  • Building engagement
  • Scheduling, advertising and boosting posts

Building your brand through Reputation Management and Influencers

Learn how to build a robust reputation and grow sales by shaping, cultivating and protecting your online brand to effectively tell your story. Standard topics covered in the workshop include:

  • What is reputation management
  • Negative and positive reviews – how and when to respond to your customer
  • Showcase your product and generate sales through positive content
  • Relevant digital platforms you should be monitoring your online presence
  • What is an influencer
  • Effectively communicating your online brand through influencers
  • Key influencers for your target market
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