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1 July 2017 3:14 pm

Education in social media and digital marketing is a significant part of the services Coffey & Tea provide. We offer workshops and training to companies of all sizes and abilities on a range of topics.

Last month our managing director, Meg Coffey was invited to present a talk at the WA Club for students of the Property Education Foundation (PEC).
The Foundation plays a large role in the education of undergraduate students in the property industry. They aim to provide individuals with the necessary skills to become leaders in the industry. PEF’s Future Leaders Hub, Property 360 is dedicated program that has been established to foster leadership skills and promote collaborative learning opportunities.

Meg spoke to a group of the undergraduate students of Property 360 about the role of social media in personal branding.

As the students prepare to enter the industry as property professionals they need to be aware of their online presence. Meg explained to the students how to manage social media profiles and the benefits of creating a strong personal brand.

She also provided them with useful insights and tips on how to improve brand recognition. For a majority of employers social media plays a key role in hiring decisions, it is therefore important for candidates to optimise their presence. As well as this they need to manage the consistency of elements across all of the platforms they appear on.

The same principles can be applied to entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, to be successful in attracting potential clients and rewarding partnerships they must have a reputable personal brand.
Coffey and Tea host masterclasses and training workshops at various times throughout the year, and are available for conferences and one-on-one training sessions tailored to your specific industry and requirements.

If you would like to engage us to present a workshop please visit our training page to find out more details or contact us to discuss your needs.

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