Wheatbelt Business Network

21 May 2016 10:21 pm

In May of 2016, Coffey & Tea’s Meg Coffey ventured to the small, Wheatbelt town of Yerecoin, 156 kilometres north-east of Perth, to deliver a Social Media Perth Masterclass titled: Connecting Rural Businesses to the World.

A Wheatbelt Business Network initiative for Women in Business, co-hosted by networking and professional development group VP Business Builders, the presentation was specially developed by Meg, looking at how rural business and community groups can leverage social media marketing and emerging technologies to boost their bottom line.

Renowned for her straight-shooting style, Meg set about demystifying the often confronting, fast-paced world of digital marketing. The aim of the presentation was to unpack strategies and provide useful and actionable insights that were also unique to regional businesses. Ideally, all attendees could walk away from the presentation with something they could readily implement in their business that very day, that would potentially transform the way they engage with the digital space.

Meg’s brand of public speaking is so popular because she tells stories, not theories and does this by using current examples from the industry and readily referencing client work.

She is a firm believer that regionally based business and community groups deserve access the same professional development opportunities as those in major centres and collaborates closely with tourism providers to ensure they can maximise opportunities online.

If you’d like to book Meg to speak at your next event, please get in touch via email at ahoy@meg.social

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