Teflon Trump on Twitter, Snapchat here to stay and lay off our Facebook layout • Tony McManus on 6PR

5 December 2016 8:11 pm

With Tony back in town after his stateside sojourn and ready to chat, our MD Meg got right down to business with talk of how Twitter continues to transform the way we consume news: case in point, the recent US Election. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed he himself no longer views the platform as social media and it has well and truly morphed into a “news product”.

The latest update from the Facebook-Snapchat “war of replication”: despite Zuckerberg’s continued efforts to mimic the super popular platform on Instagram and Facebook, with an IPO on the horizon Snapchat (and its following) is clearly resilient and here to stay!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been hit with yet another update to the Facebook layout. With one rolled out not so long ago in September, it’s becoming a question of: when will it end?! There’s a suggestion that all this movement is symptomatic of a broader “rebuilding” strategy to make the platform more competitive and video-centric; however, it’s only really resulting in a lot of user irritation! Hey Zuckerberg, leave our layout alone! Thank you.

If you take one thing from digital marketing in 2016, let it be this: live streaming.

Video has become one of the most (if not the most) effective ways to cut through and connect with an audience. Naturally, more and more marketers are recognising the value video could lend to their marketing strategy. It feels like everyone is doing it, it’s everywhere! Even in the radio studio (where’s my lipstick?!). It begs the question, are we on track to a text-free world? In a not so distant future, will everything be done via video? Scary, but not outside the realms of reality.

Facebook personalisation of ads. Have you noticed it? With consumers spending less time on more traditional media channels and more on digital, it makes sense that advertisers needed to find a way to meaningfully engage with us.

Facebook’s remarketing basically feeds users content based on their interests and online habits. While early on it might have been a concern/annoyance, we all seem to be growing accustomed to it. After all, modern consumers have little time for generic, one-size-fits-all communication. Give us what we want, when we want it and in a meaningful way, and we’re happy.

Finally, in early December the all-new Social Media Perth website launched providing an all new way to engage with digital content, written for Perth business by Perth people. The ultimate one stop shop for everything social, and more. Check it out at www.smperth.com.

Listen to Meg’s chat with Tony here:

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