AHA Hospitality Expo and Conference

30 April 2017 11:02 pm

Our MD Meg Coffey is getting ready to speak about the importance of social media for the hospitality industry at the 19th Annual Hospitality Expo and Conference 2017.

Hosted by the Australian Hotels Association of Western Australia (AHA WA) it is WA’s Leading Annual Liquor & Hospitality Conference and Expo.
The Conference and Expo attracts guests from interstate as well as internationally and is an important event for the people that work in the industry, product suppliers and service operators.

The best and latest products, food and beverages will be showcased by 100 exhibitors to over 2500 industry professionals that are expected to attend over the two days.

Attendees at the conference are invited to find out about the latest industry news and products, participate in Masterclasses and expand their knowledge and drive success with a series of talks by guest speakers.
As one of the guest speakers at the conference, Meg will be presenting alongside other industry experts to venue managers, marketing managers, sales managers, business owners and product representatives.

“I’m honoured to be speaking at such a prestigious event; it’s going to be exciting to be amongst so many influential people from around the state.”

Meg will be bringing her social media expertise to the conference and sharing her knowledge on how hospitality managers and owners can improve their social media efforts and positively influence sales.
Her talk will focus on the psychology of sharing on social media and why we need to think of social as a long term investment rather than a short term fix. She will teach you the importance of building a community of brand advocates and the nurturing of these relationships before you can expect to generate sales.

“Social media is a fantastic way for venues to communicate with their customers. In my talk at the AHA Conference will be explaining the value that social media brings for businesses wanting to attract customers and build a community.”

Companies that employ social media in their marketing strategy have a better chance of attracting their ideal clients and therefore maximising their business growth. However, as Meg explains it requires dedication, something that many companies are still learning.

“Brand advocacy doesn’t just happen over night, it takes work. You need to focus your efforts and build rapport. It stems back to our psyche; social media is about building trust. Your community needs to feel safe, they need to be able to trust you before they share.”

Meg’s talk will be full of insights and useful tips that you can apply to your own social media marketing.

The Expo and Conference will be held at Crown Perth on 16-17 May 2017. For more information on the event and to register head to AHA WA’s events page.

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