Why Stanley The Border Collie Is The Internet Hero We Need • 10 Daily

29 March 2019 7:44 pm

There’s no denying it’s been a terrible month for social media.

The live streaming of the Christchurch massacre on Facebook; the racist and sexist slurs directed towards AFL and AFLW stars online. But 10 News First in Perth discovered the hero the internet needs: an 18-month-old Border Collie named Stanley.

“In a world full of chaos, a dog is pure. They are loyal, they are cuddly, they are wonderful,” said social media expert Meg Coffey.

“Videos that go viral appeal to a person at a certain moment in time — it’s an emotional thing. What goes viral today may not tomorrow and may not have yesterday. It really is about the right time at the right place.
“Stanley is so the hero we need right now,” said Ms Coffey.

“It’s pure joy. No ads. No gimmicks. Just nature at it’s best. And that’s why it worked.”

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