Meg Coffey & Jenny Seaton on The Pulse | 9 News Perth

October 10, 2017 2:24 pm

Common sense doesn’t seem to be so common anymore. Meg Coffey appeared with Curtin FM’s Jenny Seaton to discuss the hot topics of the day on The Pulse on 9 News Perth.

There are calls for a nation-wide extension to the lifespan of gift cards. Each year, we spend around 2-point-5 BILLION dollars on gift cards – but up to 8-percent of that is never redeemed – leaving retailers to reap a windfall of 200-million dollars.

Things got heated as they moved into the next topic – etiquette consultants are reporting a surge in demand – to teach kids everything from basic hygiene and presentation skills to table etiquette and social media manners.
Finally a dog owner has been fined 238-dollars after his dog licked a baby at a beach in Port Melbourne. The baby was lying on a blanket on the sand when it happened. The mother was so shocked, she called police and the man was fined. Now this was a designated off-lead dog beach, which allows pets to run free. Wait til you see Meg’s response…

Watch the clip here:

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