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20 January 2021 3:00 pm

The things we do for Instagram likes. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the world of social media clout hits you with another surprise.

Some fairly shocking footage hit the internet recently, featuring a woman dangling off the edge of a high-rise building, all in the pursuit of what I can only assume is a few more likes on Instagram.

The stunt, captured by an onlooker from a nearby block of units, occurred on the eleventh floor of Mooloolaba’s Seaview Resort.

But is it really all that shocking?

I joined 9News Perth to give my two cents on the truly stunning footage and how this type of behaviour has become increasingly normalised with the rise of social media.

People risking their lives for social media is nothing new. We already saw a man fall to his death during the planking craze back in 2011, and we’re pretty fortunate that we didn’t see a repeat here. It certainly poses the question: is this a one-off event, or will it spare a series of copycats and a new social media trend. I can only hope not.

There’s no denying that we seek validation through social media, but just how far is too far? At want point does chasing the dopamine rush of seeing our likes go up and up become unhealthy and dangerous?

Not only are these types of social media stunts dangerous for those involved, they’re also potentially dangerous and traumatic for innocent people within the immediate vicinity.

People performing these stunts will often excuse their actions under the guise of having the right to do what they want with their lives. But what happens, however, if she were to fall? What if she were to fall on someone? Is she thinking about the first-responders who would need to attend to the scene?

The things we’ll do for Instagram likes, eh? Catch the replay here»

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