Brand Storytelling on Social Media • esm² Podcast

15 April 2021 7:46 pm

Brand storytelling is something many brands often overlook in their social media strategy, but what can you do to avoid making this mistake?

I was over the moon to join Emily Marsh on the esm² podcast, a weekly podcast for experience social media marketers where Emily interviews top brands, renowned influencers, and hidden agencies with one goal in mind: to understand what happens backstage of their social media strategies.

Over the course of 30 minutes, Emily and I chatted about all things social media — from how to tell the perfect story to sell your product or service on social media, how to tailor yourself to a specific audience, and the connection between social media and mental health, to building a happy team, and letting go of unhelpful metrics to focus on the money-makers.

We took a deep dive into audiences and how to set a clear strategy depending on the type of person to whom you are marketing. Talking about audiences is always an interesting segue into discussing some of my favourite platforms, both for personal and professional use.

While it may not be the most-popular platform in Australia, Twitter still remains my favourite platform for networking and reaching out to interesting people. For brand storytelling in the tourism and hospitality industry, however, has to be Pinterest. Surprising, right? If you haven’t already, you should be jumping into Pinterest as quickly as you can.

Whether you are a brand manager, freelancer, social media manager, or simply work for an agency, understanding the importance of brand storytelling is critical for anyone working in the world of social media and digital marketing.

Missed my chat with Emily Marsh? While I’m sure I could have chatted to Emily fo hours, check out all the highlights in the full episode of the esm² podcast below!

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