Kids’ apps collecting user data • Sunrise on 7

13 July 2022 2:39 pm

Popular kids’ apps like Pokemon Go and Roblox have been collecting user data and selling it to advertisers, but should parents be worried?

It’s always great to wake up before the sun rises to join the @sunriseon7 team for a chat about how major tech companies aren’t collecting user information and selling it for advertising purposes.

While we all put a lot of trust in major tech companies to do the right thing with our personal information, a great rule of thumb is to assume they are collecting all the information available.

Perhaps most shocking of all, did you know that personal information on children’s apps is 42 percent more likely to be shared with advertisers? It is a pretty appalling stat, right?

So, what can you do to protect your and your children’s data? Well, as you’ve likely noticed, quite a few apps, when first installed, will offer a simple prompt: do you want to allow this app to access your data?

My suggestion? Absolutely not.

Missed the segment live? Here’s the recap on Twitter 👇

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