TCWA Digital eTourism Workshops – Merredin

1 June 2018 1:22 pm

We were lucky enough to stop into Merredin on our tour of regional WA, and what an experience it was!

We presented our Content Marketing workshop in Merredin in partnership with Tourism Council WA aimed at improving your digital and social knowledge and skills.

We showcased our workshops at Tivoli Room at the Cummins Theatre. The theatre is one of the oldest buildings in the Shire of Merredin and is certainly part of the heart of Merredin.

Cummins Theatre
One of our favourite parts of the trip was that we stayed at Westbrook Cottage!  This place was easily the best regional accommodation we’ve stayed in recently.

We tailor our workshops to help businesses and marketers in the tourism industry get the most out of their digital marketing and social media. We continually update the content to reflect the current trends in digital and social, so even if you’ve attended our workshops in previous years, there will be plenty of new things for you to learn.

What do we cover? Our Content Marketing workshop teaches you the essentials of content creation and curation. You will find out how to engage and influence consumer behaviour in the intermediate level workshop Facebook for Business; or for the more experienced marketers the Advanced Facebook for Business workshop takes an in-depth look at Facebook advertising and strategy; and gain valuable insights into emerging platforms in Digital Marketing: Major Platforms and Trends in 2018.

You can find more information on the TCWA website. We look forward to returning to the balmy north and sharing more of our knowledge with you!

TCWA Digital eTourism Workshops – Merredin
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