Digital eTourism Workshops 2017

5 January 2017 7:38 pm

I’m excited to announce that in partnership with Tourism Council WA, we are bringing a great range of new and updated training workshops to Western Australia in the next few months.

These short, practical and affordable workshops are industry-focused and suitable for both frontline staff and managers.

Building your brand through digital marketing

This TCWA workshop covers topics including major consumer review sites, identifying and responding to negative and positive reviews, working with influencers and developing a content strategy.

  • What is reputation management?
  • Major consumer review sites
  • Negative and positive reviews – how to identify and respond
  • Content strategy – create vs curate
  • Relevant digital platforms you should use to monitor your online presence
  • Working with Influencers
  • Effectively communicating your online brand through influencers
  • How to identify key influencers for your target market

Facebook Marketing: Insights for Small Business

Learn best practice for Facebook, including how to set up your page correctly and how to use Facebook Insights.

  • Best practices
  • Setting up your page correctly
  • 3rd party apps
  • Offers and competitions
  • Facebook Insights
  • Building engagement
  • Scheduling, advertising and boosting posts

Advanced Facebook for Business: Indepth Advertising with Strategy

In this advanced TCWA workshop, learn how to run effective Facebook campaigns, how to set up and monitor remarketing campaigns and developing a content strategy.

  • Running effective campaigns
  • Remarketing, how to set up and monitor
  • Content strategy, including Creation v Curation
  • Facebook Live
  • Targeted posts
  • Dark posts
  • Community engagement

Emerging Platforms & Trends in Social Media

Find out what’s new and what the future trends are in digital, how to use video streaming and how and why to use other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

  • Twitter – value and suitability for your business
    • Understanding analytics
    • Tips & tricks, including scheduling and other apps
  • Instagram
    • Understanding analytics
    • Content strategy & Curation suggestions
    • Tips, tricks and apps
  • Hashtags – why and where they should be used
  • Influencer marketingHow to – tips & tricks
  • Video Live Streaming and Facebook Live
  • Pinterest – best practices, tips & tricks
  • Snapchat – is it right for my business?
  • Other Key Platforms

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Digital eTourism Workshops 2017
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