TCWA Digital eTourism Workshops – Broome

15 March 2018 6:28 pm

Don’t worry Broome we haven’t forgotten you! Before we head back south, we will be stopping in to visit your wonderful town and deliver our series of workshops.

We love coming to the Kimberley; it is a truly magical place. The colours of the landscapes, the smells of the warm tropical air, it’s no wonder it is an artist’s haven. In years gone by we have been known to lose track of time while watching the world go by on Cable Beach but we are bound to visit again, at least for one more sunset.

On April 4 and 5 we are going to be presenting four workshops in Broome, tailored especially for businesses and marketers in the tourism industry. The workshops are in partnership with Tourism Council WA and are part of a regional tour of WA, this being our 3rd year!

We will deliver four workshops over the 2 days: our Content Marketing workshop will teach you the essentials  of content creation and curation; find out how to engage and influence consumer behaviour in the intermediate level workshop Facebook for Business; or for the more experienced marketers the Advanced Facebook for Business workshop takes an in-depth look at Facebook advertising and strategy; and gain valuable insights into emerging platforms in Digital Marketing: Major Platforms and Trends in 2018.

You can find more information and register for the workshops on the TCWA website. Looking forward to having a bit of Broometime with you all!

TCWA Digital eTourism Workshops – Broome
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