Hearts and star wars on Twitter, and Facebook wows with latest community update • Tony McManus on 6PR

8 November 2015 2:12 pm

This week Twitter users went bananas when the platform replaced the star ‘favourite’ icon with a heart ‘like’ icon.

Before the change, stars acted in a similar way to bookmarks and were used to select tweets that a user either wanted to read or find later. However, some Twitter users additionally clicked the star icon to express support for a tweet.

The aim of the change was to streamline the platform and make it easier for newbies to engage, with the heart symbol more instantly recognisable cross-culturally.

But for most of the platform’s 320 million users the change from ‘favourites’ to ‘likes’ and stars to hearts was simply too much!

Some of the more common user complaints stemmed from incompatibility between ‘like’ and the symbolic love represented by a heart; the heart being too emotive a symbolism, and the changes taking the platform in a distinctly (and unwelcome) Facebook-y direction.

But, it seems like it or lump it because it is not going anywhere any time soon!

Social behemoth Facebook released this week some pretty impressive stats in their latest community update.

Facebook Stats Nov 2015
The most significant takeaways being that Facebook is topping out at an astonishing 1.55billion people each month, with over one billion on the platform every day!

We also saw confirmation that messaging apps are well and truly here to stay.

Facebook’s phone messaging service WhatsApp has documented 900million users each month. How the popularity of these messaging apps is impacting on the telecommunications industry (SMS) remains to be seen, but it won’t be long until someone does a study! Watch this space.

Interestingly, the number of video views on Facebook has come in at over eight billion each day; an insane number that vastly eclipses YouTube. The question remains, is this figure perhaps erroneously influenced by the platform’s auto play feature? Perhaps it would be different if video views were measured on ‘play to completion’ basis?

Unsurprisingly, Instagram continues to go from strength to strength with 400million users each month and a crazy 1.2billion double taps per day!
Facebook also documented over 45million small and medium businesses actively using Pages.

Social is not going anywhere people! This latest community update really reinforces the need for business to make digital marketing a serious part of marketing strategy.

This week’s final lesson comes courtesy of the unfortunate punter who made the mistake of publishing a photo of her Melbourne Cup winning TAB slip, only to have her winnings pilfered by a dodgy Facebook friend.
The platform has warned about protecting against online scams, but it seems the message bears repeating. Think twice before you click, carefully consider what you’re sharing and don’t publish barcodes! Safety first!

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