Want a piece of Clubhouse? • Triple M Karratha with Pablo Miller

23 February 2021 5:17 pm

Clubhouse, the iPhone-only audio app, is taking off. Will the new app last, or will it drift into obscurity like so many before it?

But just why does everyone want a piece of Clubhouse? Clubhouse has a few things going for it at the moment. It’s new, exclusive, and is gaining traction with celebrities. Where else do you have the ability to be a fly on the wall to a conversation including your favourite athlete, actors, musician, or even tech billionaire.

If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse, I joined Pablo on Triple M Karratha to have a chat about the new app.

So, what is it? Well, thing of Clubhouse like being on a giant conference call.

The platform certainly attracts its fair share of snake oil salesmen, and self-proclaimed gurus. There are, however, plenty of interesting people flocking to the platform.

The app is great for networking, learning something new, or simply being a fly on the wall to some really interesting conversations.

As of right now, Clubhouse is available to iPhone users only, and you need to be invited to join.

Want an invite? Here’s a tip: head to the Clubhouse website and sign up to reserve your username. When you sign up, there’s a pretty high chance that someone you know, somewhere in the world, will get a notification. If they’re kind enough to let you in, this method won’t use one of your limited invites.

Is Clubhouse the next big thing in social media? It’s hard to say. There’s definitely a place for audio entertainment. We all know just how popular podcasts are, right?

The one thing Clubhouse has working against it, in my opinion, is the sheer number of social media apps we already have on our devices. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok (just to name a few), is there any place for a new contender?

Missed my chat with Pablo? Have a listen below!

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