Think Before You Tweet • The Drive Home with Glenn on LAfm

18 August 2018 11:20 am

Meg Coffey, social media expert and Coffey & Tea, Managing Director joined The Drive Home with Glenn to discuss the importance of thinking before you tweet.

In light of the recent sacking at Cricket Australia we should all ask ourselves when voicing an opinion online, who we’re representing. Ourselves or our employer?

If you list your job in your profile, then it might be assumed you are speaking with a work-inspired lens on your comments. But it’s not as simple as merely removing your job from your profile. Nowadays almost all employers have a social media policy and many employment contracts also have a social media clause.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you should definitely think twice before you tweet, post or comment. And if you have a high profile role, sometimes it’s best to leave social media to others or completely lockdown your accounts with the highest privacy settings.

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