Meg Coffey & Carmen Braidwood on The Pulse • 9 News Perth

3 July 2018 10:11 am

Social media strategist Meg Coffey was joined by Carmen Braidwood on 9 Live Perth’s “The Pulse”.

It’s always a good laugh when Meg is on air! This week’s topics included:

  • Poor Bert Newton! His comments at the Logies did not sit well with the public.
  • University of South Australia accused of ‘mansplaining’ by social media users. When a picture was shared on Instagram recently, it didn’t take long before it spread around the world.
  • A convicted drug smuggling bikie wins $1.33 lotto jackpot – can you believe it? He’s behind bars for his involvement in a $270m drug smuggling operation, but bankrupt bikie Reginald “Reg” Roberts’ luck has just changed.
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