Meg Coffey & Nic Hayes on The Pulse • 9 News Perth

25 March 2018 9:06 pm

It’s always a laugh when Meg is on The Pulse! Especially when she’s joined by Media Stable’s Nic Hayes.

Topics included Uber’s plan to test out a new service – that allows users to split the cost of a ride – by carpooling with strangers; French President Emmanuel Macron announced that school will be compulsory for all children from age THREE as part of his plans to shake up the education system; and lastly up – a teenager is copping it on social media for uploading photos of her 16th birthday gift from her mother on Twitter. The US teen – posted a thank you to her mum – for her white Range Rover – only to spark a flood of comments online.

Check out their chat with Jerrie Demasi on 9 Live Perth.

Missed it live? Here’s the clip…

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