Meg Coffey & John Hammond on The Pulse • 9 News Perth

3 August 2018 9:59 am

Meg Coffey joined lawyer John Hammond on 9 Live Perth’s “The Pulse” with Tracy Vo.

A light-hearted look at the day’s most pressing issues, “The Pulse” is always a good laugh on Channel 9.

Today’s topics included:

  • Coles has pulled yet another plastic bag ban backflip… Just two days ago, the supermarket giant offered free bags indefinitely because of the backlash against charging 15 cents for the bags. That statement quickly prompted another backlash – now Coles says it will start charging again next month…
  • A mother has sparked a debate after she spotted a heavily pregnant woman puffing on a cigarette in the park. She posted on a parenting forum asking whether she should have confronted the expectant mum.
  • Finally – a jilted fiance has found a novel way to recover from being dumped by his cheating bride-to-be. He’s selling her wedding dress online for 650 British pounds to fund a spree on booze, gambling and prostitutes, with the ad going viral.

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