Technology has changed our lives • Tony McManus on 6PR

2 February 2015 5:31 pm

How has technology changed our lives? Find out as Meg Coffey gives her social media roundup on Saturday Nights with Tony McManus on 6PR.

The universal save icon, ‘The Floppy Disk’. The age old device and after all these years there are people that have not even seen one in person, yet they are still used to point out how to save our files.

“For most of human history vehicles had automatic collision avoidance and could even take you home when you were drunk or sleepy. Then we got rid of the horse”. Meg discusses the rising technology of cars, mobile phones the ever changing world of apps and emojis. In a few touches of a button we can have a pizza delivered to our door, before we had to have a lengthy conversation.

Listen to Meg’s chat here:

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