Celebrities in the social media spotlight • Tony McManus on 6PR

28 March 2015 10:59 pm

What’s trending this week? Find out as Managing Director Meg Coffey gives her social media roundup on Saturday Nights with Tony McManus on 6PR.

Teenagers outraged by the leaving of a member of One Direction, social media explodes with images of self harm. Does this take the social media platforms to a stage where medical professionals should be involved?

Twitter goes nuts over the firing of Jeremy Clarkson, after being alleged that he was violent and abusive against a reporter. The mixed opinions of social media can be a powerful tool, but has it hurt the show to a point of no return?

Kate Blanchett lets loose on the project, the video goes viral with many mixed opinions as to whether it was a joke or not. Sometimes the presenters just take things that little bit too far. Another star in the spotlight this week… Mariah Carey sings along to her own song and is caught on a dashboard-cam on a karaoke road trip.

Auto-correct, is it worth our time? “You probably correct auto-correct more than auto-correct corrects you.”

Listen to Meg’s chat here:

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