The virality of social media • Tony McManus on 6PR

28 February 2015 5:53 pm

What’s trending this week? Find out as Meg Coffey gives her social media roundup on Saturday Nights with Tony McManus on 6PR.

How social media is evolving as an effective tool to do business and being embraced by the RSLWA and the Kensington Police.

An online disagreement between a customer and business owner online shows how social media can be a powerful tool but when used incorrectly it can really hurt your brand.

A small restaurant in South West Australia making the news with a dining and dashing case. Social media placing people in the line of fire and the virality of things we place online.

Social media erupts this week due to a case of runaway Llama’s and the dress that captured the attention of the world – white and gold or blue and black… it was obviously a slow news week!

Listen to Meg’s chat here » 

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