The 90's make a comeback • Tony McManus on 6PR

15 February 2015 5:36 pm

What’s trending this week? Find out as Meg Coffey gives her social media roundup on Saturday Nights with Tony McManus on 6PR.

Tonight’s topics include:

  • The 90’s have made a come back this week, Missy Elliot in the Superbowl halftime show, the reunions of Saved by the Bell and the Backstreet Boys and Jimmy Fallon’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air rendition.
  • Times have changed and so has technology, the things we don’t say anymore – You can’t use my phone because I don’t have any minutes and BRB (Be Right Back), because we never leave our devices.
  • Also, what happens to our Facebook when we die? Facebook’s new announcement to add to our digital legacy. Do we need to start putting our social media accounts into our will?

Listen to Meg’s chat here:

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The 90's make a comeback • Tony McManus on 6PR
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