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1 October 2020 8:50 pm

On International Coffee Day, I hoped on the radio to chat about a variety of topics, from David Attenborough to social media basics.

It really was International Coffee Day (I know) on October 1, and I joined Rob and Kerry on Front Page on the Pulse. I had a fantastic time filling in the team about the basics of social media, including the difference between followers and likes.

We had a wonderful chat about David Attenborough breaking the world record for the fastest person to reach one-million followers on Instagram, beating everyone’s favourite friend, Jennifer Anniston.

It’s been interesting to see how David Attenborough has been received on Instagram, especially when we compare it to how Greta Thunberg has been treated online. There’s definitely something to be said about how reputation impacts how people will react to someone online.

While David Attenborough may not have the social media basics down, it’s clear that his marketing team certainly does.

If you haven’t watch it yet, I highly recommend checking out Netflix’s The Social Dilemma. We had a great chat about ow the film explores the darker sides of social media and how platforms like Facebook are impacting democracy.

And that was a great lead-in for us to talk about the recent presidential debate. In what ended up in being an absolute mess of a debate, it will be interesting to see the role social media plays in the upcoming election.

As a dual citizen, it’s been fascinating to see how things are playing out in the US, a country in which I grew and spent a great deal of my life.

It’s important for people to understand social media basics, in an effort to weed your way through so much fake news and misinformation that’s certain to rear its ugly head in the coming months.

Keen to hear the entire chat? Have a listen down below!

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