Sharing the love on social media, but not today Bey • Tony McManus on 6PR

16 July 2017 1:34 pm

Meg Coffey has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the changes in social media and caught up with 6PR’s Tony McManus to discuss some of these recent changes and happenings.

We’re all aware of the mammoth entity that Facebook has become, but this week it hit the big time. The platform has reached 2 billion users per month. To break it down even further, each day there are around 800 million ‘likes’ and 175 million ‘loves’ of content on the platform.

Not surprisingly Facebook have been looking to leverage these 2 billion users and monetise the platform even further by introducing advertising to Messenger.

But Facebook’s not the only platform that’s growing in popularity. Twitter has been resurrected since Trump entered US politics. His outrageous antics, embarrassing Tweets and general entertainment value have bought people back to the the dying social platform in droves. Some have even gone so far as to label Trump as a saviour of Twitter.

But it’s not all roses. The President has taken to blocking users that annoy him from seeing his Twitter feed. Such actions on the platform go against the Freedom of Information Act in the US and as a result he has had a law suit filed against him by the users. Not to mention the repercussions from the tweets (#covfefe) he’s illegally deleted. Sheesh.

Public announcements are nothing new on social media, and true to form Beyonce has again used social for an announcement about her newborn twins. Although the world already knew they had been born, this week Beyonce posted an official photo on Instagram to her buzzing Bey Hive of her and her month old baby boys.

Apparently one Twitter user didn’t find it an appropriate announcement, and responded accordingly; “Hey Beyonce, not today. Today is Scott Ludlam’s day.”

On a final note, beware the things around you when you’re taking a selfie. One lady attempting a selfie at an art exhibition in L.A caused $200k worth of damage when she knocked into the installation with her butt and started a domino effect. Ouch!

Sharing the love on social media, but not today Bey • Tony McManus on 6PR
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