Sad news for Yelp & Vine, the race that embarrasses the nation, and Fred’s French Onion Porterhouse

20 November 2016 1:12 pm

With Tony living it up State-side, the delightful Fred Mafrica stepped in to chat all things social media, with a side of food talk with our Managing Director Meg Coffey on 6PR this week.

The latest from Twitter sees the beleaguered platform doing some major restructuring in an effort to maintain viability. First on the chopping block: the six second video app, Vine. With Vine closed up, the platform will be focusing on live streaming, video app, Periscope which is already a big part of the Twitter ecosystem. The platform will be under pressure to grow Periscope, decisively and soon, so it doesn’t go the way of Vine. It will be an epic show to watch social’s biggest players duke it out for livestreaming supremacy; definitely worth staying tuned!

In other social news of the sad variety; Yelp this week announced they are laying off 175 global sales staff and centralising all global operations to the US. Only a mere five years’ young in Australia, it seems the crowd sourced review site has not gained traction in our local markets as it has in the US, meaning the multinational has been forced to wind back international marketing. A big shame for Yelp in Western Australia! It will be interesting to see how they go about marketing locally without someone on the ground.
“The race that stops the nation” also created some international pause this year, for all the wrong reasons thanks to some less than lady-like behaviour captured on film, and quickly uploaded to social channels. The attention and abuse in response to this content raised an interesting question of: when does free speech online go too far and become abuse? Is abuse ever warranted? Is pointing out bad behaviour an abuse of free speech, or is it within our rights? Some big questions that can’t possibly be answered in one sitting, but worth considering nevertheless.

Enter, Melania Trump, who was mercilessly mocked after a campaign appearance where she announced her commitment to fighting cyberbullying. A somewhat hypocritical stance (given her husband’s social media form) and an ironic response from critics who slammed her online and off. At least this speech wasn’t plagiarised, and it is, at its core a cause worth supporting. We shall see how it all comes out in the wash!

Something a little different to end this week’s chat, it’s all about foodie faves with Texan Meg confessing her love for good quality steak. Then Fred treats us all to his (now not-so-secret) steak recipe involving porterhouse and French onion soup mix! You’ll have to listen to learn more. Mmmm, delish!

Listen here for Meg’s chat with Fred:

Sad news for Yelp & Vine, the race that embarrasses the nation, and Fred’s French Onion Porterhouse
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