The Rise of Instagram • Tony McManus on 6PR

2 January 2015 6:57 pm

As Instagram overtakes Twitter in terms of monthly active users, Meg Coffey chats with 6PR’s Saturday Nights with Tony McManus about the rise of the social media platform and other new players entering the field.

What is it about Instagram that is driving the growth and the rise? First, the simplicity of the app and second the fact that we are naturally attracted to visual elements. Then there’s the recent purge of fake and spammy accounts – something that Twitter desperately needs to do.

“Follower counts will be fully accurate and only reflect the actual human beings or actual accounts that are following you,” said Gabe Madway, Instagram’s communications chief.

“We want you to believe that your interactions and the people you share with are real people and are following you in good faith.”
Listen to Meg’s chat here:

The Rise of Instagram • Tony McManus on 6PR
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