Politics is embracing social and new ways to find your perfect match • Tony McManus on 6PR

14 February 2017 9:28 pm

Over the past few episodes Meg and Tony have discussed the US election and Trump’s use of social media but this week they begin the show by bringing the focus to local politics.

WA’s State election is nearing and the campaigns are no longer relying on traditional methods, “new media is changing things, you can’t campaign the way that you used to”.

Media is being consumed in different ways, therefore it’s becoming necessary for marketers to invest in new ways of reaching their audience. In the lead up to the election, Meg will be providing commentary on ABC in regards to how the campaign plays out on social.

A little over 5 years after joining the social scene Snapchat has filed for an IPO, in doing so they have revealed some of their juicy data. They have an impressive 158 million daily active users, though it is probably still shy of reaching the 1.86 billion monthly active users of Facebook. So, while the platform is growing in popularity it’s rivals are still way ahead.

Talking of Facebook, there are two new things in the pipeline. The first is a weather app that is personalised to where you are, and notifies you alongside your reminders on events and holidays. Aimed at providing you with relevant information at your finger tips so you never need to leave.

The second new tool ’Discover people’ is aimed at matching you with people that have common interests. Unlike ‘people you may know’ it connects you with people that are outside of your network and that you don’t necessarily know. Which, as Meg suggests, could be a little dubious.

Instagram is introducing albums, allowing you to put multiple photos up at once without spamming your feed. This is a great addition to the photo sharing site for sharing your holiday snaps for example. One photo will show up on the feed and your followers can swipe left and right to see the others.

Over on the dating front finding ‘the one’ ain’t easy. You like coffee, but hate mocha and all your Tinder matches are mocha drinkers. (Gah!) A new dating app, ‘Hater’, has been released that connects you with people based on your ‘dislikes’. Does this mean ‘disliker-of-slow-walkers’ Meg could find her ‘equally-fast-walking-and-disliker-of-slow-walkers Prince Charming’?
Superbowl was earlier last week and it revealed some interesting statistics.

Despite a fantastic game and huge crowds, the activity on social media was substantially quieter than in the previous two years. Is this a sign of changing times? Could we be reverting to the old ways of watching live entertainment sans mobile?

Listen to the full chat between Meg and 6PR’s Tony here:

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Politics is embracing social and new ways to find your perfect match • Tony McManus on 6PR
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