Appearing on a new podcast from Meta • Connected

24 April 2022 8:49 pm

Connected, a brand-new podcast series from Meta, features unique insights from digital marketing and social media professionals, including yours truly!

Hosted by Dan Monheit, the founder of HardHat, Meta’s new podcast, Connected, explores the past, present, and future of marketing, advertising, and consumer behaviour.

As you can imagine, a podcast from Meta is bound to have some pretty incredible guests, and I was truly honoured to be considered worthy of joining the big wigs!

Like most digital marketing professionals, I haven’t been shy about my love-hate relationship with Facebook and Meta in the past. I believe, as an industry, it’s incredibly important that we continue to hold social media platforms and those with massive influence accountable.

That said, it was an incredible opportunity to be included in this series and I’m thankful to the team at Clear Hayes for making it all happen.

In the second episode, I joined internet historian Brian McCullogh, IAB Australia CEO Gai Le Roy, WPP AUNZ President Rose Herceg, and Spotify’s Belle Taylor to chat about the evolution of online advertising and how brands are adapting for a more transparent future.

Tune in below or wherever you get your podcasts and let me know what you think!

How well does your feed know you? Experts join Dan to explore the changing consumer relationship with online advertising, and ask how brands are adapting for a more transparent future. People want a personalised experience – but what data are they prepared to give in return?

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