New updates to social causing chaos and the damage pods can cause • Tony McManus on 6PR

9 October 2017 10:43 pm

Social media platforms are always making changes and updating features for users. On this week’s episode of Saturday Nights with Tony McManus, Tony and Meg discuss some of the recent updates and how they are going to affect us.

Twitter has rolled out 280 character Tweets to ‘selected’ users, double the amount previously allowed. There has been a mixed reaction from users, some have taken liberties and are teasing the less fortunate that are still limited to 140 characters. While others are asking if it is a necessity for the platform that has always held a certain pride in its brevity of communication.

Meg is not usually one to rant on social, more often she is advising people to keep their anger off social. However, after being kicked out of a group on Facebook for voicing her opinion on ‘pods’, Meg turned to her favourite platform, Twitter, to let off a bit of steam. Pods are groups formed on Instagram that engage with one another’s posts to get past the algorithms of the platform. While looking out for one another is a nice idea, it can become fake very quickly, especially when influencers and money start getting involved.

Speaking of Instagram, there looks to be an update that could cause a few ruffled feathers. Mobile devices are getting wider screens so, after always having a 3×3 grid, Instagram is going to introduce a new 4×4 grid layout on profile (home) pages. It makes perfect sense to increase the number of photos, right?

True, it’s not a big deal to the average Instagrammer but a lot of large brands, especially those with visually appealing products, have created photo collages on their profiles pages. Take for example, Reynolds Kitchens, changing the layout to 4×4 is going to ruin the perfectly executed, seamless images…it looks like they are going to have to press delete and start over.
Anyone familiar with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will recall the Babel fish, an amazing contraption that translates languages. Well, those smart people over at Google have finally turned our science fiction fantasy into a reality. The Google earphones can translate 40 languages in real time – hallelujah!

Listen to Meg and Tony’s full chat:

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