New Emojis, Boomerang and the newest Facebook features • Tony McManus on 6PR

26 October 2015 8:03 pm

Meg Coffey joined Tony McManus on 6PR to chat about the latest trends in social media (including new emojis!) over the weekend. What did she have to say? Lots!

Apple released its newest iOS and with the update came with 150 new emojis… Yes we now have a taco! A few other notable mentions to the emoji craze include the celebratory champagne bottle, new country flags and even an emoji to help support the fight against bullying.

Instagram takes yet another step forward in its domination of the social media world releasing new application called Boomerang. The app allows users to take a series of quick sequential photos, these photos are then stitched together into a video that loops. We can now essentially GIF our everyday lives, what more could one want?!

Periscope and live streaming, when is it taken too far? Copyright and infringement issues come into play when users start live streaming episodes of Game of Thrones and some sporting games. A US presidency candidate decided to Periscope his day; in the process he forgot he was live streaming and as the day went on the candidate started to vent his frustration through cursing and profanity, not a good way to persuade voters!

Facebook is always trying new things to stay ahead of competitors. Introducing GIFs to their platform is one of the biggest and newest improvements. Users can now place GIFs and animated photos into their profile pictures and business pages, allowing brands to possibly have that extra marketing tool or competitive edge. These will be rolling out in Australia soon, so stay tuned!

People are disliking the fact of no dislike button on Facebook… However, Ireland and Spain have embraced the emotive like button beginning trials on the new features, which will be rolled out across the world depending on the outcome.

Listen to Meg’s chat about emojis on 6PR here:

New Emojis, Boomerang and the newest Facebook features • Tony McManus on 6PR
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