Major issues with Facebook and Instagram • Tony McManus on 6PR

15 October 2018 10:19 pm

Meg Coffey from Coffey & Tea joins News Talk host Tony McManus to talk all things social media. This podcast focuses on the recent Facebook security breach that effected 50 million accounts. Will this be the beginning of the end for the Facebook giant?

They discussed the recent Facebook scandal, where hackers recently manipulated a feature called “View As”, to gain access to millions of user’s private information. This feature allows Facebook users to see their profile from a “friends” point of view. The social media giant could be looking at facing billions of dollars’ worth of fines due to this breach.

This breach also happens just days after both of Instagram’s founders resigned from Facebook and only one day after the new boss was appointed. Facebook, the site and its app crashed for over an hour. Facebook has had a very bad week with shares also heavily dropping by 7% on Friday the 5th of October.

Tony tells Meg about a recent show he was listening to, the 8am breaky program with peter Ford, where he talks about how events not only hold a media party, but they also hold a special social media influencer party.  “Media can be influencers, but not all influencers are media” explains Meg.
The difference between traditional media and influencers are that most journalists have a degree or some form of education regarding the industry. Influencers often have a blog or a platform connecting them straight to their followers. There are many types of influencers that are now being used for products and services that are targeting the younger generations.
In other news, UniLad, one of the original viral social media publishers goes into administration. They were the 4th largest a platform on Facebook for “memes” or “wastes of time” content. What does this mean for the Facebook algorithm if the 4th largest publisher on Facebook cannot hack it. Perhaps people are just not using Facebook like they used to?

Listen to the full chat between Meg and Tony here…

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