Has iPhone lost its wow factor and why Facebook is tightening its ads • Tony McManus on 6PR

29 September 2017 10:13 am

Our MD Meg was straight off the plane to catch up with Tony after an educational trip to Sydney for a social media conference. In this week’s News Talk they discuss what Meg learnt at the conference, with a side of the usual social and digital updates.

While at the conference in Sydney, Meg discovered the secrets behind a successful Instagram account. There was a big focus on the platform and educating marketers and influencers using the platforms to avoid bots, and buying followers and likes on social media.

The new iPhone 8 and 8 plus went on sale in Australia last week but they seem to have gone unnoticed. Once there were queues and sleep outs outside every Apple store in the country in anticipation for the new model. But, after 10 years and almost as many models, it seems nobody really cares. The demand for the new phone in Australia has been extremely low, though it could be that everyone is waiting for the 10 to arrive later this year.

Facebook is looking to tighten its review of advertising campaigns after it was found the platform was used to sway voters in the US election. At least 3000 Facebook ads were bought by Russian entities with messages created to encourage people vote in a way that favoured Russia. As a result of the findings the company has been given a court order to restrict campaign creations and implement close monitoring of ads and their intent is believed to follow.

Voice controlled gadgets are becoming everyday items in a lot of households. Thy control our lighting and heating and are very handy, but you would never expect your pet to order something online for you…would you? This is exactly what happened to one lady in the UK with a pet parrot that learned how to talk to Alexa, the Amazon version of Google Home.
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Has iPhone lost its wow factor and why Facebook is tightening its ads • Tony McManus on 6PR
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