Instagram Stories are now more popular than SnapChat | Tony McManus on 6PR

5 December 2017 7:13 am

While in Singapore, News Talk host Tony McManus took to snapping photos of his holiday and posting them on Instagram. However, it seems he doesn’t quite have the concept of tagging people just yet, so our MD Meg Coffey starts by giving Tony a few lessons in how to use Instagram.

Instagram is the focus of this week’s program. The photo-sharing app has been around since 2010 and has gone through many changes in that time, the biggest being the acquisition by Facebook. This week The Next Web has revealed that there will be some new features introduced to us in the very near future.

You can do it on Twitter and Facebook has one it, but we don’t have the ability to Regram posts within Instagram. To share a post on Instagram involves using a 3rd party app or taking a screenshot of the post and then reposting it on our feed. A share button is currently in beta testing for a few users, and hopefully, it will be rolled out to us all soon.

Only a year after being introduced Instagram’s Stories has grown to surpass the number of SnapChat users and given inspiration to new features. The first is a feature that will enable us to add GIFs to our Stories, and the second is the ability to save our Stories. Meaning those precious memories can be re-watched again and again.

Every year Instagram releases a report detailing the community’s activity on the platform, and last week the 2017 Review was released. In it you can find out the nitty-gritty data including the most followed celebrities, the most liked post, the most used hashtag and which filters were used the most.

In other news, Facebook has introduced Artificial Intelligence to scan users’ posts and detect patterns that might suggest signs of suicidal behaviour. Posts that are flagged will be reviewed by staff and help will be offered to the users.

Listen to the full chat between Meg and Tony here.

Instagram Stories are now more popular than SnapChat | Tony McManus on 6PR
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