Hashtags helping tourism and the Colonel gets clever on Twitter • Tony McManus on 6PR

23 October 2017 10:45 pm

There has been so much happening on Twitter recently. So, needless to say, the discussions between Tony and Meg on this week’s News Talk were very Twitter centric. But first, Tony had to find out about Meg’s incredible holiday in Iceland.

In between glacier hiking and volcano exploration Meg discovered how savvy the Icelandic’s are in encouraging their visitors to use social media to promote tourism in the country. Not only do they have WiFi everywhere, they also have hashtags conveniently created for every location. Great holiday destination for adventure seeking digital nerds!

A lot of the big-name brands don’t follow anyone on their social platforms, why would they? But KFC have some smart social media marketers. Recently the official KFC Twitter profile followed some other users on Twitter, but only eleven. It gets better, 5 of them are Spice girls and the other 6 are named Herb… “Eleven secret herbs and spices.” Just brilliant. Totally fake.

The Trump’s were bitten by fake news earlier this week when a Tweet by a journalist from the Guardian suggested Melania Trump has left Donald and has a body double. Funny, but not real, unfortunately it went viral on social media. Proof that you can’t trust everything you read online, even if it appears to come from a reputable news source.

Twitter users turned their backs on the platform for one day in protest of the suspension of Rose McGowan’s account. The Hollywood actress was locked out of her Twitter account for 12hrs after she publicly outed Harvey Weinstein for his misconduct. The #WomenBoycottTwitter was a powerful stance with a lot of support, though it also bought up a lot of other issues. Twitter has since resolved to address issues of harassment and tighten the rules of use.

One Instagram user has gained a lot of attention recently for her anti-selfie selfies. Michelle Liu has created a profile entirely of chinning photos in protest of the glamorous selfies that fill our social feeds. In each of the photos she poses with her head tilted back and she sinks her chin into her neck to create a double chin. Check out her feed @chinventures.

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Hashtags helping tourism and the Colonel gets clever on Twitter • Tony McManus on 6PR
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