‘Gram Drafts, Facebook Marketplace and “Social Media Survivor" • Tony McManus on 6PR

15 October 2016 7:54 pm

The footy is over and Coffey & Tea Managing Director Meg Coffey is back with her regular fortnightly segment on 6PR with Tony McManus.

This month Instagram has introduced yet another update: users can now save draft content and return to it later. Perhaps contrary to the “in the moment” nature of the platform, the new feature will be welcomed by the large majority of users, particularly those who favour using the in-app camera to take shots. After all, who doesn’t want a little more time to craft the perfect caption?!

Arguably, the ability to draft content will lead to even more contrived, highly edited content; think “Facetune” selfies that iron out every wrinkle and blemish. However, Instagram’s dedicated, savvy users are under no illusions that what they see on Instagram is not necessarily an accurate reflection of reality.

A big month for the major players, Facebook fired yet another shot in its campaign to become “the” go-to platform you never ever need to leave, with the launch of “Facebook Marketplace”.

Got something to sell? Marketplace is the platform’s answer to Gumtree, Craigslist and eBay. You may have also noticed the app’s latest update resulted in a new layout? This was to accommodate Marketplace on the bottom menu bar, relocating Messenger to the top left of screen. It would be safe to bet the social media giant’s next move will be creating platform-based banking and payment services, similar to China’s Weibo. Soon the world will be Facebook; watch this space!

In Twitter news, the beleaguered platform is up for sale. With five CEOs in 10 years, Twitter has fought off offers to purchase time and time again, but never quite realised its full potential. What is Twitter, exactly? Now that it is clear the platform is not performing and time to be answerable to the Board, CEO Jack Dorsey is said to be “warming” to the idea of a sale.

Industry whispers suggest Google or Salesforce are front runners. Rumours that Disney will put in a formal bid are tenuous; if they were at all interested it would only be for the platform’s video and distribution capabilities.

Snapchat has had a run at their own version of Google glasses: Spectacles. Just like Google glasses, just cooler, the aviator-style specs allows the wearer to record 15 seconds (a snap) of video on the go and upload directly to Snapchat. Unsure if their ($130) gamble will pay off and draw users back to the platform, but at the very least Spectacles are a neat idea.

One thing is resoundingly clear right now: not all social platforms will survive. They must “outwit, outplay and outlast” the others and the best way to do so is to effectively monetise their offering. Failure to do so will mean the end for some sooner than others.

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