Fake followers and new ways to follow your interests on Instagram • Tony McManus on 6PR

18 November 2017 8:58 am

There have been a few changes to our favourite social media platforms recently and our MD Meg Coffey caught up with Tony for a chat about some of them in this week’s segment on 6PR.

It’s probably one of the biggest changes the platform has made, love it or hate it, the 280-character tweet limit has now been rolled out to everyone on Twitter. Since the beginning Twitter has always had a 140-character limit, to match mobile texting limits – remember that?!? Brands have been having fun with the extra space, and it’s put an end to the ellipsis in Donald Trump’s tweets (for now) as he can say it all in one tweet.

But the question is, with double the room, could this be too much? It has changed the way Twitter is viewed, longer tweets take up a lot more room so we now have to scroll further to see the same number of tweets.  Maybe it will be a passing phase and we’ll go back to keeping things brief like we used to.

There was some debate over Twitter’s process of account verification program last week, after two white supremacists successfully applied for the ‘blue tick badge’. Many users see the badge as one of endorsement and after complaints that they were undeserving, several of the accounts had the badges taken away. Once again Twitter has resolved itself to reviewing how things are done.

Twitter isn’t the only platform to undergo changes, Instagram is going to introduce a new way of following the things that interest us. Until now we have only been able to follow the profiles of other people and brands, or search for hashtags. The new feature will allow users to follow hashtags, in the same way we follow brands and people. It will display the most recent and top

Australia’s biggest beauty star on YouTube, Chloe Morello, has called out the fakes on social media that are scamming users. In a 17-minute video, posted to her YouTube channel which has over 2 million followers she refers to the activities of buying followers and comments as fraudulent. She calls out the Instagram profiles and the influencers that are doing it to gain free products and increase their exposure.

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