Facebook, my friend; cat cucumbers and Barbie Boy • Tony McManus on 6PR

22 November 2015 3:01 pm

This week Facebook is proving yet again they’ve got your back through thick and thin, particularly around matters of the heart and disaster.
Facebook’s new “Take A Break” feature is designed to take the social media sting out of break ups by limiting your former flame’s appearance on your newsfeed.

The feature even goes as far as to cease automatic name suggestion for photo tagging and messaging for said person; as well as going to the trouble of un-tagging your ex in photos. How very considerate!

In more somber news, the platform’s “Safety Check” was put to the test last weekend with the horrific terror events in Paris. The feature, originally developed in the wake of the 2011 Japan earthquakes and tsunami, allows users to notify friends and family of their safety and it has been well received across the global community.

In fact, recent stats now suggest people are more likely to access Facebook than Google for to-the-minute updates relating to large-scale events or crisis.

(The platform could be set for some backlash as the feature failed to kick in for the Mali hotel attack on 20 November; watch this space.)

On a lighter note, cats and cucumbers – two things you would rarely put in the same sentence, have taken the net by storm this week with crazy cat people the world over using video to confirm the little known fact: cats are terrified of cucumbers.

Cats (and animal rights activists) everywhere can hopefully breathe a sigh of relief as this funny yet slightly cruel phenomenon is surely almost over!
Something different in the world of advertising, this week toy giant Mattel and fashion house Moschino launched a campaign for the limited edition (and super expensive) Moschino Barbie, featuring a little boy.

While the motivation behind including a little boy in the ad is being fiercely debated online (Moschino’s initiative or Mattel’s? Tongue in cheek or a deliberate stand against gender stereotyping?) it is still refreshing to see and people are losing their minds over it!

Final viral sensation for the week comes from US musical comedy TV program, Lip Sync Battle. In the show’s Holiday Special, Joseph Gordon Levitt (Angels in the Outfield, 3rd Rock From The Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, and more…!) slayed with a lip-syncing musical tribute to Janet Jackson, performing her 1989 hit “Rhythm Nation”. Decked out in the same military-inspired attire seen in the music video: an all-black outfit complete with metal hardware, gloves, a baseball hat and a ponytail, the performance is simply amazing and definitely worth a watch!

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Facebook, my friend; cat cucumbers and Barbie Boy • Tony McManus on 6PR
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