AG Porter says platforms should face defamation laws • Perth Tonight on 6PR

21 November 2019 9:31 am

I joined Chris Ilsley on 6PR’s Perth Tonight to discuss the statements made by Attorney General Christian Porter in relation to defamation and the social media platforms.

It’s always a robust chat when I get on the line with Chris and tonight’s chat was no different.

AG Christian Porter has come out swinging today stating that social media companies should face the same defamation laws as traditional media outlets – an idea that could cause major consequences for the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

To be honest, Porter is right. The days of the keyboard warrior are coming to an end it would appear, as society wises up to the fact that you can and should be held accountable for the things you say online.

It is not okay for some to feel that because they are behind a computer and not a megaphone, that there are no consequences for their statements.

Missed our chat live? You can catch the podcast here:

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