A decade of hashtags, Facebook scams and more news • Tony McManus on 6PR

29 August 2017 11:13 am

With so many changes to social media, even the most conscientious users can feel a little bamboozled by the constant evolution of the platforms.

In this week’s 6PR chat, Meg and Tony McManus discuss the origins of the hashtag and how to avoid scams on social.

While many of us are still coming to grips with the hashtag and the right way to use them we celebrate 10 years since they were introduced. Originally used in online chat rooms, the pound symbol (#) was suggested by Chris Messina a designer at Google as a way of organising information on Twitter. We now send 125 million hashtags across our social media channels each day!

You may remember Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) had her infamous Oscar selfie most retweeted tweet outdone by teen, Wilkerson Carter (@carterjwm) when he tweeted Wendy’s asking for chicken nuggets. Now we have a new most liked tweet.

Earlier this month ex US President Obama earned the most liked tweet in history. The tweet quoted part of a speech by Nelson Mandela and formed a series of tweets Obama made in relation to the racial tensions in Charlottesville. It currently has over 4.5 million likes.

Our love of digital has made us more vulnerable to online scams, and the scammers are getting cleverer at crafting posts. A fake account using the name ‘Qantas Airlines’ recently did the rounds on Facebook an offer of free business class tickets to everyone. Clearly not a wise business move, so logic would tell you that this is fake.

But, it seems people aren’t using their common sense. They are blinded to the slight flaws in the carrot dangled in front of them, but biting that carrot could be detrimental. Think before you bite! Accounts that are real will have the verified blue tick displayed on their profiles, look for it and don’t be fooled by fakes.

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