Children & Social Media Risks • Your Money

3 April 2019 11:14 pm

When it comes to modern-day parenting, few topics are more divisive than the question of whether kids should be exposed to and on social media.

This week, it was in the spotlight again after Hollywood actress Gwenyth Paltrow posted a picture of her teenage daughter Apple Martin online without her consent, sparking a global war of words.

Meg Coffey, social media expert of social agency Coffey & Tea believes that it can be harmful and that parents should think twice before uploading images or opening accounts for them.

“When we look at the world today, where these children are filmed from the moment that they’re conceived, from their sonogram photo, every part of their life is online and this is the way that we’re moving,” Coffey told Your Money Live.

“I really think parents need to think twice around putting their kids onto social media and documenting it,” she said.

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