The awkward state of WA politics and social media • Tony McManus on 6PR

26 February 2017 4:23 pm

Social media has a great influence on our lives and plays an important role in the way we receive information about the world and events.

Politics is no exception. That being said, we turn to the first topic of this fortnight’s chat between Meg and Tony, politics.

Meg has been taking a look at the happenings each week in WA State politics on her regular segment on the ABC News at 7pm and has some interesting observations.

The major parties are employing social media platforms to get their message across in quite different ways and Meg has gained some insights into their social media strategies. It is obvious that our politicians have taken note of the US election and realised how powerful social media is for campaigning but there is some confusion around how to make use of the different platforms.

Having an understanding of the differences between the platforms and the audiences using them is vital for effective messaging. One confused party treated their Facebook page more like a Twitter feed and spammed their followers with multiple posts all in an hour.

It has also become apparent that some of the spokespeople aren’t so comfortable on social media which means the messages are coming across a little clumsy and awkward.

“If you don’t use social media it can be really hard to understand how to then engage an audience.”

Not having a social media presence makes it very difficult to effectively use social media. Yet there seem to be people managing the social media pages of the WA parties that are absent on social. It seems we may still have a bit to learn from the rest of the world!

The multiple photo feature on Instagram, which was covered briefly last episode, has now gone live! With the new update it is now possible for all users to add as many as 10 photos into a carousel style post. Rather than bombarding your followers with photo after photos you can put them in an album that they can view if they choose.

Pinterest is not just about pinning the things you like anymore; it’s become a place to buy! The ‘buy now’ pin has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand allowing retailers to use the platform to tap in to the online shopping market. Consumers click the button and are taken to the retailer’s website where they can make the purchase.

A new GPS navigation app with a twist has been introduced. ‘Waze’ has been a hit with Uber drivers and the like for its community based information. Users share traffic information that helps other drivers on the road avoid congestion, accidents and the dreaded speed cameras.

Finally, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again ‘are you really going to post that?’ A Queensland tradie lost his job after a client took offence to a photo he took of a sex toy in her shower and then shared in a secret Facebook group. It turns out it wasn’t so secret.

The awkward state of WA politics and social media • Tony McManus on 6PR
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