GIFs and Instagram Stories Together • Tony McManus on 6PR

27 January 2018 6:41 pm

Over the Australia day weekend, News Talk host Tony McManus invites Meg Coffey to talk about the White Moose Café Scandal, changes to Facebook and how GIFs are about to take over Instagram stories.

The White Moose Café scandal is the focus of this week’s podcast. It has been the top story on all things social media for the past 2 weeks. The scandal revolves around a travel blogger that emails a café in Dublin asking for free accommodation in exchange for free exposure on their blog. However, in the past The White Moose Café/Hotel have been quite well known for being abrasive, especially toward Vegans.

The White Moose Café responded by plastering the exchange all over social media and has since blown up, despite this type of exchange being quite common in the blogger world. In response to this, the blogger has since been sent death threats, and is now a major victim of cyber bullying.
In other news, Lord Zuck (aka Mark Zuckerberg) has declared that his personal Facebook challenge in 2018 was to fix the issues surrounding “plaguing” Facebook. This goes back to the original purpose of the social media giant, which is connecting and interacting with your friends and family, not being flooded with news and adverts. Therefore, Algorithms are in the process of being changed to place more value on people engaging with others, not the media. Do you think we can go back to basics with Facebook?

Some other exciting news, Is Instagram being a Snapchat copycat? From now, you will be able to add GIF’s, which are little video cartoons, to your Instagram stories. You will also be able to post photos of any dimension to Instagram, instead of just the dreaded rectangle!

Listen to the full chat between Tony and Meg here.

GIFs and Instagram Stories Together • Tony McManus on 6PR
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