A crash course in US Politics, #activism, and Snapstagram/Instasnap • Tony McManus on 6PR

27 August 2016 10:16 pm

After an express course in the electoral responsibilities/burdens of being “Texstralian” (Texas and Australian, for new players), Meg & 6PR’s Tony McManus take a look at “#activism”: the role hashtags that are designed to rally people to a cause really have in affecting change. (Think #putyourbatsout or #bringourgirlshome.)

A recent example being the “Harambe Meme” attack wherein Cincinnati Zoo was forced to shut down their Twitter account due to a relentless barrage of cruel memes referencing the tragic incident at the Zoo in May this year. In this case Zoo representatives were quick to clarify that the motive for closing the account was simply that this form of #activism was making things worse for all concerned by not allowing them time to heal and move forward.

The verdict is out as to whether or not #activism is an entirely positive movement or effective in real terms, but there is no doubt there’ll be plenty more cases to study in the future.

In privacy news, WhatsApp announced this week they are reneging on their promise that they would not share metadata with owner platform Facebook. Unless otherwise directed, key user data points such as phone number, location, time and date will be handed over to Facebook and sold on to advertisers. This constitutes a massive breach in privacy by the popular messaging app and users are encouraged to check their settings and adjust as is their want.

Staying in the world of privacy, iPhone users are strongly urged to update their phone software immediately after a nasty hack attack occurred allowing full control of phones and information, including Gmail, Facebook messages, Facebook information, Facebook contacts, everything from Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and more! To update your software, go to Settings>General>Software Update. Do it now!

Next Meg and 6PR’s Tony spoke about how Facebook has also recently updated the look and feel of their “Pages” layout, to encourage businesses to check and optimise page set up. From cover page to information provided, the platform wants to ensure Facebook for Business is working for you!

Finally, also in Facebook-related news, the platform has made no secret of the fact they covet Snapchat. The lust runs deep, it seems, as recently they launched their own incarnation of a much loved Snapchat feature, but on Instagram. “Instagram Stories” is a pretty blatant knock off of Snapchat’s Stories feature, allowing users to upload video and photo content to a 24-hour history stream. Given Instagram holds far more sway with marketers than Snapchat, it will be interesting to see how this update tracks with everyday user and marketers alike. Watch this space!

Listen to Meg’s chat on 6PR with Tony here:

A crash course in US Politics, #activism, and Snapstagram/Instasnap •  Tony McManus on 6PR
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